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Rust Preventative

This product line consists of a liquid which when sprayed, painted or dip applied leaves a dry film which is excellent for the protection of all surfaces from various corrosives.

Rust Converter

Combination of acrylic polymers and acids that will neutralize rust and leave a black glossy coating which may be painted over.  When left alone, prevents future rusting for up to one year.  May be sprayed, brushed or rolled on.

Industrial Automotive Marine Miscellaneous
Tools Cables Cables Acid Tanks
Bearings Engines Chains Caustic Tanks
Shafts Frames Buoys Pumps
Chains Undercoating Engines Metal Housings
Metal Tanks Tanks Tanks Metal Exteriors
Spare Parts Bolts & Screws Barges Construction Equipment
Injection Molds & Dies Unpainted Surfaces Spare Parts Agricultural Equipment
No Bleed Through      
  • Packaging: 20, 35, 55 Gallon drums and bulk tote containers
  • Custom packaging available based on order size

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