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Industrial Odor Control and Waste Digestant

A suspension treatment consisting of specially developed synergized bacteria; aerobic, anaerobic, and facultative in nature.  They reduce B O D and consequently H2S and the foul odors it produces.  Product cannot rest in the presence of waste material.

The product can be used as an additive to waste systems or as an additive or spray for odor control of chemicals such as mercaptans, acrylates, styrenes, formaldehyde, and many more.  Product works quickly and safely.  A little goes a long way.  In sewage, use in parts per million of waste.  For odor control product dilutes with large quantities of water or is used in dosages of ounces.


  Application Dilution with Water
  Sludge and Dewatering 20-1
  Composting and Trenching 60-1
  Waste Treatment Systems Parts per Million
  Contaminated Porous Surfaces 60-1
  Lagoons & Ponds Parts per Million
  Spillage & Settling Tanks 40-1
  Contaminated Equipment 40-1
  Coolant Reservoirs 200-1
  Oil Wastes 10-1
  Marine Bilges 500-1
  Dumpsters 50-1
  Chemical Spills 10-1
  Waste Tanks Parts per Thousand
  Gas Streams 10-1 Depending on CFM


Pulp Liquors 20-1
á As a Sparge into Aqueous & Gas Flow Determined by flow rate

When deodorizing vessels, all walls and as much air space as possible must be covered with product mixture.  The type and quantity of chemical being deodorized will determine appropriate dilution.

  • Packaging: 20, 35, 55 Gallon drums and bulk tote containers
  • Custom packaging available based on order size.

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